Novo-Gloss 45 Glossmeter

Novo-Gloss 45 Glossmeter


Novo-Gloss Lite 45°

The Rhopoint Novo-Gloss Lite 45º measures gloss using a specialist geometry often specified in the ceramics, metal manufacturing and film making industries.
The instrument benefits from the Novo-Gloss Lite technology, it is small lightweight and is complete with statistical analysis and can download saved readings to PC.


  • Measures using 45º geometry
  • Easy to use constant read feature
  • Automatic calibration with tile validation
  • Compatible with all important international standards
  • Full Statistical Analysis
  • Auto-ranging, Measures Matt to Mirror Finish
  • USB Output to download analyse and Store readings in Novo-Soft
  • Dry cell battery or rechargeable formats available
  • Extended two year warranty
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Calibrate to any standard
  • Lifetime lightsource guarantee