Weathering Test

Weathering Test

To estimate the life of product and materials by simulating the indoor and outdoor condition of sun light, temperature, humidity and rain in the laboratory, SUGA offers a broad range of products, from the global standard light sources to advanced super-accelerating ones. 

General Catalog Weather Meter 

The Global Standard Test Instrument

The Global Standard Test is world wide authorized tests which are specified in ISO (International Organization for Standardization), ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) and other standards. The spectral power distribution of light sources and the performance of the instrument are specified in these standards. SUGA offers the weathering test instruments applicable to these global standard tests.

Xenon weather meter

Light source resembling to the spectral power distribution in the ultraviolet and visible portion of sunlight.

Xenon Weather Meter GX75 , Xenon Weather Meter GX25 , Super Xenon Weather Meter SX75 

Xenon Weather Meter X75 , Xenon Weather Meter X25 

Table Sun XT750 XT750L 

Sunshine weather meter

Light source resembling to the spectral power distribution in the ultraviolet portion of sunlight. It has been recognized in the world for over 60 years.

Sunshine Weather Meter S80 

UV Long-Life Fade Meter

This light source, having the longest history in the world, has a strong energy in the ultraviolet portion (around the range of 388nm).

UV Long-Life Auto Fade Meter U48U 

Ultraviolet fluorescent lamp weather meter

Ultraviolet fluorescent lamp with its peak in the ultraviolet portion.

Fluorescent Weather Meter FUV 

Super Accelerated Weathering Test Instrument

As the speed of developing new products increases, the need for shortening the test period increases as well. By taking a variety of approaches to meet these needs, SUGA offers new Super Accelerated Weathering Test Instrument. SUGA is also proceeding with research for correlation with outdoor exposure test.

Metaling Weather Meter     

H2O2 Model